Travellers & Dreamers

We are travelers and dreamers

Join us on our journey of discovery, filled with enchanting dreams and timeless journeys to discover the world around us.
The Travelers & Dreamers format celebrates the special bond between man and nature, inviting everyone to explore, dream and engage in the preservation of our extraordinary planet.
We have always been a community of soul and earth explorers, passionate about the wonders of nature, and we believe that every step forward in our journey is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the world around us and to act as responsible stewards of this precious ecosystem.

Together, we strive to cultivate a deeper connection with nature, to dream with open eyes and to preserve the enchantment of our Earth for future generations.
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2024 Edition

A journey to rediscover the relationship between man and nature

Under the starry skies of the island of Levanzo, Travellers & Dreamers returns for its second edition: the fascinating festival that celebrates the deep bond between man and nature in an unspoiled setting that welcomes every cultural performance aimed at celebrating this ancestral union.
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2023 Edition

A journey to rediscover the relationship between humans and nature.

On September 8 and 9, 2023, the resort celebrated the connection between man, sea, and nature with events related to the territory of beautiful Levanzo and the presence of important guests and finds.
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Resting sustainably

Explore the harmony of nature and modern comfort in our eco-friendly rooms. Awaken your senses with panoramic views, embrace sustainability in design, and let yourself be pampered by the serenity of our facility.

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