Where history intertwines with the beauty of the landscape

Explore the timeless enchantment of the Egadi Islands and the authentic atmosphere of Levanzo: a unique experience in the heart of the Mediterranean


The Dolcevita Egadi Resort is located on the beautiful Levanzo of island. The first closest to the coast of Trapani, reachable in just 30 minutes by hydrofoil.

Egadi Islands

Experience the enchanting Egadi Islands in the heart of the Mediterranean, where natural beauty blends with a rich history, offering a haven of tranquility, crystal-clear waters and unforgettable local flavors.

Dolcevita Tour

The perfect experience for those wishing to explore the beauty of the Egadi Islands and western Sicily from the comfort of our enchanting resort. If you are a guest of the Dolcevita Eco Resort and want to discover the hidden treasures of the Egadi islands and beyond, this tour is designed especially for you.

Discover what to see nearby

In the enchanting setting of Dolcevita Eco Resort, you have the opportunity to explore a territory rich in natural and cultural beauties. The Egadi Islands, an archipelago of unparalleled charm nestled in the clear Mediterranean Sea, are the gem of this region. But that’s not all. Western Sicily, with its cities steeped in history, further expands the opportunities for discovery.

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Island of Levanzo, Municipality of Favignana, Sicily (TP)

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