Make your stay unique

The experiences you need to make your stay in Levanzo unforgettable


Discover a varied marine biodiversity and admire extraordinary testimonies of the past with exclusive dives.

Trekking & Bike

Explore the magic of Levanzo, a true paradise for lovers of outdoor walks and trekking routes! Don't be fooled by the size of this enchanting islet, as it hides an evocative route that will win the hearts of sports and wilderness enthusiasts.


The aperitivo hour is an essential moment in Italian culture; indulge in this time to enjoy the Dolce Vita. Sip a glass of wine as the soft sunset lights paint the sky with warm hues. The taste of food, prepared with care and passion, blends with the enchanting landscape, creating a perfect fusion of gastronomy and nature.

Cooking show

On the enchanting Levanzo of island, immersed in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the experience of a cooking class is transformed into a gastronomic poem between sky and sea, an unforgettable culinary immersion.


At the Dolce Vita resort, far from the city lights, the night reveals itself as a cosmic painting all to be discovered.

Boat Tours

Be captured by the beauty of Levanzo as you sail along its coastline picturesque coasts, enjoying a unique perspective of the island and its hidden bays. Take advantage of this adventure to relax under the Sicilian sun, admire the turquoise sea and be enchanted by the natural beauty natural beauty that surrounds Levanzo.

Resting sustainably

Explore the harmony of nature and modern comfort in our eco-friendly rooms. Awaken your senses with panoramic views, embrace sustainability in design, and let yourself be pampered by the serenity of our facility.

© Copyright - Dolcevita Egadi Eco Resort & SPA
Island of Levanzo, Municipality of Favignana, Sicily (TP)

© Copyright
Dolcevita Egadi Eco Resort & SPA
Island of Levanzo, Municipality of Favignana, Sicily (TP)