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2023 Edition

2023 Edition

A journey to rediscover the relationship between humans and nature.

Two days dedicated to nature and our intrinsic bond with it.
On 8 September, we hosted environmental artist Anne de Carbuccia to talk to us and all the guests about the themes explored in her film 'Earth Protectors': the entire human community can be a Protector of the Earth for itself and for future generations, thanks to careful restoration and defense of the land surroundings.

On 9 September, two appointments: one dedicated to the discovery of a Rostrum dating back to the Battle of the Egadi, a sensational discovery of the 21st century fruit of the genius of the famous archaeologist Sebastiano Tusa.
This was followed, during the evening, by the screening of film Amma's way, an embrace to the world' by director Anna Agnelli. The film brought one of the world's most influential Gurus to the screen with her famous embrace of peace and love. An invitation to embrace our neighbor and the earth, preserving the precious relationship that has bound us since ancient times.

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