Welcome to Dolcevita Egadi Resort, a Sicilian retreat immersed in the authenticity and beauty of its ancient rural grounds.
Our eco-sustainable structure is the result of a respectful rebirth, created using traditional materials that blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape: where once an old herd used to quench its thirst at the ruins of a cistern, Dolcevita Egadi Resort now stands, preserving the historical legacy of this enchanting place, the so-called Mannara Vecchia, as the islanders still call it.
The charm of Mannara Vecchia is woven into the fabric of our structure, which blends perfectly with the land that surrounds it.
Every stone tells a story, every corner evokes the past, and every attention to the environment is a tribute to our commitment to preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Our vision

Welcome to the heart of our world, where beauty merges with tranquility to create unforgettable experiences.
At Dolcevita Egadi Resort, we have a bold vision: to turn your holidays into an indelible memory.
Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to provide our guests with a refuge from the daily routine, immersing them in an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity, all while surrounded by the natural beauty of the Egadi Islands.

The Team

We constantly strive to ensure that every visit to Dolcevita Egadi Resort 
is a chapter in a wonderful story that continues over time.


Il primissimo punto di riferimento sull’isola di Levanzo, Kamel ti accoglierà calorosamente al tuo arrivo al porto. Rimane sempre a disposizione per fornire informazioni preziose, suggerimenti personalizzati e assistenza impeccabile durante il soggiorno. La sua versatilità lo rende una risorsa inestimabile in molteplici aspetti dell'esperienza del resort.


When you arrive at Dolcevita Egadi Resort, it is Tiziana, our sunny and caring manager, who will welcome you with a radiant smile. Her dedication is to ensure that each guest feels warmly welcomed and that your stay goes smoothly.

The Ecoresort

Ten rooms with panoramic terraces, swimming pool and jacuzzi, a small SPA and an overwhelming passion await guests eager to enjoy a unique experience. Immerse yourself in the essence of this wild, reserved island, kissed by crystal-clear waters. Every corner, every scent and color reveal the unique charm of Levanzo, making every stay unforgettable. Let yourself be lulled by the love for this place, where your well-being becomes our mission.

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