The Arcana Society

Connect with your authentic self

In the marvellous setting of the island of Levanzo, prepare to immerse yourself in a journey of deep reconnection with your inner self: The Arcana Society will offer you a journey that will involve body, mind and soul in a unique experience.
We will explore spiritual and astrological teachings, meditative and shamanic practices, ritual ceremonies, and much more.
Through sacred ceremonies, ancient rituals, and meditative practices, you will have the opportunity to connect
with your deepest essence and discover the unlimited potential that resides within you.

Join us on this journey into the unknown, where magic and wisdom intertwine to create a unique and transformative experience.

The Arcana Experience Levanzo 2024

From 1 to 5 May, immerse yourself in a transformative retreat designed to regenerate your spirit.
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The Arcana Experience Levanzo 2023

Explore the event that celebrates the eternal connection with the world around us.
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Resting sustainably

Explore the harmony of nature and modern comfort in our eco-friendly rooms. Awaken your senses with panoramic views, embrace sustainability in design, and let yourself be pampered by the serenity of our facility.

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