The Arcana Experience Levanzo 2024

A journey to the heart of the island of Levanzo
From 1 to 5 May, immerse yourself in a transformative retreat designed to regenerate your spirit.

The Arcana Experience Levanzo 2024

This spring get ready to return to your earthly paradise and bloom in the fullness of your being!

The Arcana Society invites you to the temple of the wildest and most untouched nature of Sicily, the island of Levanzo, where the sea and the wind meet, giving voice to the song of the sirens, and the land is adorned with flowers and Mediterranean scents.

Disconnect from the stress of everyday life to embark on a transformative 5-day journey, in an experience of mystical well-being. Immerse yourself in a Sensefullness experience where your senses awaken, and your body and mind return to harmony with your inner paradise, hosted with care at Dolcevita Eco Resort.

Sensefullness is the path of awakening through the senses!

A unique and innovative journey of sensory reactivation and awareness that combines immersive experiences in nature, meditation practices, music, ecstatic dance, shamanic games, good food, and sharing!

A transformative journey designed by The Arcana Society to regenerate body, mind, and soul and reconnect you with your most authentic essence so that you can bloom again in all your creative and manifesting potential and fully enjoy the beauty and richness that life offers you.

Alessandra Di Gesú, spiritual leader of the Tradition of Mediterranean Ancient Mysteries, and Federico Luglio aka Luyo, Sound Alchemist and Shaman of Music, will guide us on a true journey of individual and collective rebirth through ancient spiritual teachings, ritual ceremonies, meditative and shamanic practices, 432HZ music, DJ sets under the stars, and ecstatic dances around the fire!

Throughout the days, we will immerse ourselves in the wild and pristine nature of the island and explore ancient power places such as the mythical Grotto of the Genovese, where millenary inscriptions bring us back in contact with our ancient mythical and legendary origins. We will nourish ourselves with sea, sun, moments of wellness and peace, and the exceptional Sicilian cuisine capable of delighting the palate and rejoicing the heart.

At night, we will surrender to a magical and dreamlike atmosphere of ecstatic dance and the tribal, ancestral, and powerful rhythms of Luyo's 432HZ music DJ sets and special guest artists!

Your Sensefullness life begins here, sign up now and enter your earthly paradise!

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© Copyright - Dolcevita Egadi Eco Resort & SPA
Island of Levanzo, Municipality of Favignana, Sicily (TP)

© Copyright
Dolcevita Egadi Eco Resort & SPA
Island of Levanzo, Municipality of Favignana, Sicily (TP)